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MQTT.Cool is not yet another MQTT broker. It’s a software gateway that boosts any existing MQTT broker with new exciting features.


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10 Boosts MQTT.Cool Will Give You

Security boostS


Add Flexible Authentication

MQTT.Cool offers a pluggable authentication system, which is totally independent of the target MQTT broker. Users’ authentication is managed by MQTT.Cool via your own integration code based on the Hook API.


Add Fine-Grained Authorization

How do you make sure that user A cannot subscribe to topic X and user B cannot publish to topic Y? With MQTT.Cool, you can add very fine-grained authorization to any MQTT broker in a completely broker-agnostic way.


Offload TLS/SSL Encryption

MQTT.Cool takes care of encrypting the traffic with the clients, based on TLS configurable cipher suites and certificates. You can remove the burden of encryption from your MQTT broker and offload it to MQTT.Cool.


Avoid Public Access to Your Broker

Protect your MQTT broker and make it reachable from the Internet only through MQTT.Cool. You will add a layer of security, preventing the broker from dealing with external and potentially unauthorized connections.

Architecture boostS


Connect to Your Broker from Anywhere

Connect to your MQTT broker from anywhere on the Internet, even behind the strictest corporate firewalls and proxies, without sacrificing security. No need to fight with firewall rules and change your security policies.


Develop Web Clients with Paho-Like API

The MQTT.Cool JavaScript library works in any existing browser and exposes an Eclipse Paho-like API. Any HTML page can easily become an MQTT client, able to publish and subscribe to/from MQTT topics.


Access Multiple MQTT Brokers

A single MQTT.Cool instance can connect to different MQTT brokers. If the same client needs to access multiple brokers, it will be able to do it with a single physical connection to MQTT.Cool, thanks to multiplexing.

Performance boostS


Scale Up Your MQTT Broker with Massive Fan-Out

Scale to millions of MQTT clients by offloading the fan-out from your existing MQTT broker to MQTT.Cool, which uses the world-class Lightstreamer engine to handle massively concurrent connections.


Receive Fresh Data with Adaptive Throttling and Conflation

MQTT.Cool automatically throttles the data flow for each user, to adapt to any network congestion. It resamples the data on the fly while applying conflation, so that all the users will see real-time coherent data.


Get Full Control over Bandwidth and Frequency

Each client can define a maximum bandwidth for its downstream channel and a maximum update frequency for every fanout subscription. Queuing, resampling, and conflation will be applied automatically.

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